Biodiversity Cross-Mission Learning Program


Biodiversity Cross-Mission Learning Program

Increasing the effectiveness of USAID biodiversity conservation programming by finding out what works, what doesn’t, and why – that’s what the Biodiversity Cross-Mission Learning Program is all about.

This Learning Program will:

  • Connect USAID staff that are implementing the same strategic approach to address a development challenge;
  • Facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience about when and under what conditions the theory of change holds;
  • Help foster collaboration to answer a set of shared learning questions (a Learning Agenda) that can help improve the effectiveness of USAID programs.

Learning Groups will collaborate through email discussions, virtual meetings, and an online wiki knowledge base. Learning Groups may also choose to collaborate on data or information collection to address priority learning questions.

The Conservation Enterprises Learning Group is focused on the hypothesis that if income is increased through conservation enterprises, then participants will discontinue environmentally unsustainable activities.

The CWT Learning Group is focused on building a knowledge base around how best to build capacity, reduce consumer demand, and improve community engagement to combat wildlife crime.