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The workshop planning committee is pleased to cordially welcome all participants to the USAID Climate-Smart Agriculture/Best Management Practices (CSA/BMPs) Workshop taking place in Gracias, Honduras on November 3-7, 2014.

This training and knowledge exchange initiative has been designed for USAID staff and Implementing Partners of Latin America and the Caribbean to share, define and document BMPs that focus on adaptation and risk reduction of climate change impacts on agriculture production while contributing to increase the sustainability of agricultural activities in the region.

We would especially like to thank the workshop presenters and panelists for their effort and extra work in the development of the technical sessions, case studies and panel discussions. The planning and development of these sessions would not have been possible without their professionalism, expertise and commitment. We would also like to thank USAID's Bureau for Food Security and LAC Bureau, and the staff of USAID/ACCESO for their technical support and guidance that allowed this initiative to become a reality. Finally, a great thank you to the USAID/Honduras Mission for all the support and for hosting this regional effort.

We hope that all participants promote the evolution of this USAID knowledge sharing experience by organizing similar events on a local level, and that they continue to assure sustainability of agricultural activities through the incorporation of CSA/BMPs. We are convinced that the success of this capacity-building will depend on the contacts made and continued communication between each one of you, and that the collaboration and synergy developed during this workshop will guide us in new and more productive directions.

In the name of the USAID CSA/BMPs Workshop Planning Committee, welcome!
This workshop is currently invitation only.  For more information contact Cristina Lopez

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