This Online Learning Management System provides a web-based environment for delivering online courses, and managing virtual learning communities.

The courseware in this learning system is designed using sound constructivist pedagogical principles and has the ability to create syllabi, objectives, content modules, assignments, tests, and social course activities like blogs, wikis, forums, chats, news and calendars. It can also be used for group collaboration and project working groups.The Online Learning Management System is available to USAID Missions and Partners by request.

Inside the Online Learning Center

The center includes the SCALE Methodology. SCALE (System-wide Collaborative Action for Livelihoods and the Environment) is a methodology to accelerate stakeholder engagement and sustain local action and collaboration around a development issue. This system-driven project management approach is not just theoretical - it has been applied in 15 countries in a variety of sectors. SCALE offers development practitioners, including donors, a set of tools to inform and improve efforts to engage partners in collaborative actions. In this interactive learning session for development practitioners, you will learn what the SCALE methodology is, the steps involved, how it can be used, and where to go for more learning/resources.

We have nine publicly available courses in Sustainable Tourism. Tourism development, done right, has enormous cross-sectoral potential to achieve multiple co-objectives of economic growth and poverty reduction, biodiversity conservation, and natural resources management, and it is a powerful tool for addressing other important cross-cutting agendas such as gender equity, global health, education, and local governance. Sustainable tourism has the potential to not only mitigate the potentially harmful impacts of visitation to a natural area, but it can also act as a powerful tool to support conservation of the ecosystems upon which it depends.

SCALE Process

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